AOK Federal Association

Location Rosenthaler Straße, Berlin
Client ArcOp Marketing GmbH & Co. Entwicklungs KG
Design Schuwirth & Erman Architekten
Execution time 2007 – 2008
Size GFA / NFA 21.000 m² / 13.500 m²
Construction costs 29 Mio. EUR
Service Project lead, LP 5-8
Project leader Christian Werner / Arno Rautzenberg
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Project description

The AOK Federal Association, which represents the interests of 25 million statutory health insurance, moved in October 2008 from Bonn to Berlin-Mitte. In the Rosenthaler Hof, 15,300 m² (above ground) were rented on a long-term basis, thus creating office space designed for high technical and ergonomic requirements for approximately 450 employees.

The choice for the existing building on Rosenthaler Strasse had fallen after a Europe-wide tender. Built in 1903 by the architect Alfred Messel department store visionary Georg Wertheim was (1937 expropriated by the National Socialists) rebuilt after war damage in 1954. After various uses in the episode it had been empty last.

The project developer ArcOp MarketingGmbH & Co. Entwicklungs KG was responsible for the conversion of the building. Following the design by the Berlin architects Schuwirth & Erman, much of the historic structure of the building – especially the old natural stone façade and, on the inside, the cast-steel round columns – has been preserved and is now combined with timely constructions.