Audi G70 Györ

Location Györ, Ungarn
Client AUDI Hungaria Motor Kft.
Design ATP Architekten
Execution time 2013 – 2016
Size GFA 41.500 m²
Construction costs 50 Mio. EUR
Service object supervision, LP 8
Project leader Stefan Nowak
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Project description

The expansion of the AUDI plant into a full process chain includes the central buildings, the press shop, the body shop, the paint shop and assembly.

The central building G70 with a floor space of approx. 220 x 60 meters is the smallest area in terms of area, but it houses most of the functions: the testing and analysis center, quality assurance, presentation and design rooms are located at ground level. Upstairs there are the offices, as well as rooms for staff catering and a conference area.

The building is located in the center of the adjacent factory halls, so the connecting conveyor between body construction, paint shop and assembly runs over the roof area of the building.