Bismarck School Hanover

Location An der Bismarckschule, Hannover
Client Stadt Hannover
Design wegener + schebalkin
Execution time 2009 – 2011
Size GFA 10.200 m²
Construction costs 15 Mio. EUR
Service Supervision and construction management, LP 8
Project leader Heiko Fuß
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School renovation and extension

Renovation of the listed Bismarckschule and construction of a passive house extension with 10 classrooms and full day area, including dining room, cafeteria, kitchen and games and fun area.

The renovation therefore focused on the roof areas or attics, the basement outer walls and the windows. The natural stone facades were cleaned and repaired. On the west façade, the classroom windows from the 1960s were replaced by heat-protected glazed wooden windows – now with window division according to the original model. Also in the interior restoration special emphasis was placed on restoring the original condition of the corridors, the staircase and the (pre) halls. The wooden stair railings, the floors of Solnhofen slabs, the corridor windows and original fittings – everything was freed of layers of paint, worked up and – where necessary – repaired, so that the elements are restored close to the original state of 1911.

A special feature is the renovation of the auditorium: It was renovated under monument preservation aspects with their existing elements from the 1950s. The refurbished classrooms with new linoleum floors and acoustic ceilings are equipped with modern media connections that meet a new standard. In addition, the entire home technology was renewed, and installed ventilation systems in showers, toilets and changing rooms. The area is planning law, after elimination of the military use, a so-called outdoor space in the interior, the spatial planning and planning law must be redefined.