Location Knorrstraße, München
Client BMW Group
Design Kohlbecker Gesamtplan
Execution time 2018 – 2020
Size GFA / NFA 157.000 m² / 109.000 m²
Construction costs 400 Mio. EUR
Service object supervision, LP 8
Project leader Marko Mühmel
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Project description

The design, which emerged from the multi-stage, international competition FIZ Future, provides for the development of the master plan for the expansion of the Research and Innovation Center of the BMW Group (FIZ). A wide variety of disciplines must continue to exchange ideas and think together in the BMW FIZ in order to generate innovations. On a central highway, movement and spatial experience are accelerated to duplicate encounters.

Here, all expert cultures of automobile construction and mobility are constantly visible. To the edges of the campus, the perception is decelerated and focused, so that the individual disciplines and subject areas can develop in a fundamental way. This also makes the integration with the surrounding city quarters possible. The draft stipulates that the new BMW FIZ opens here with a park, cafés, play and sports fields and a community center for its neighborhood.