BMW high-rise site

Location Petuelring, München
Client BMW Group
Design Schweger Associated Architects
Execution time 2006
Size GFA 30.950 m²
Construction volume 8 Mio. EUR
Service GU / project lead, LP 8
Project leader Marko Mühmel
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Refurbishment BMW-Hochhaus-Areal, Munich

The design from the 1960s is based on an innovative structure in which the 23 storeys were arranged like a cloverleaf around the skyscraper core and the lightweight concrete ceilings were suspended from four central, pre-stressed hanging columns. Since this optimized structure has hardly any reserve capacity, the conversion was carried out under a so-called load management, in which a balanced load balance was to be maintained between broken off and newly installed materials. Thus, the installation of a double floor was only possible after the old floor structure, including screed, was removed to the raw ceiling.

Behind the listed outer façade made of aluminum elements, an energy-optimized interior façade made of prefabricated elements was installed. The old fixed glazing was replaced by a sun protection insulating glazing and openable parallel windows were used in every third axis. In the low-rise, including the “museum bowl”, while maintaining the external appearance of new utilization concepts were realized, which led to significant interventions in the existing structure. Part of the low-rise building was assigned to the museum. After complete gutting, a new architecture was created in the flat and rotunda, consisting of an encircling ramp and seven independent exhibition halls.