Computer centre AOK

Location Göttinger Chaussee 76A, Hannover
Client Objekt Ricklinger Kreisel GmbH & Co. KG
Design IGP Ingenieur AG
Execution time 2004 - 2005
Size GFA 3.700 m²
Construction volume 5,2 Mio. EUR
Service Project management, LP 1-9
Project leader Christian Werner
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From Telefunken to AOK

Conversion and extension of fallow production buildings on the former factory premises of the Telefunken AG to a data center with administration area. Production of rental space to accommodate the computer center of the AOK Niedersachsen and Bremen at the Ricklinger Kreisel Hannover location consisting of: Computer center in redundant design, ie computer room with associated technology infrastructure in two separate and independent execution as operating area and backup center, and the associated office and administrative areas.

Implementation of building construction and TGA for the data center in two existing buildings on the former Telefunkengelände as conversion and expansion measure. The manufactured TGA infrastructure included cooling, UPS, NEA, gas extinguishing system, EMA, BMA and the redundant connection to the electrical and fiber optic networks of the local utilities.