Garden city Hannover

Location General-Wever-Straße, Hannover
Client IGP Projekt GmbH
Design IGP Ingenieur AG
Execution time 2009 – 2011
Size GFA / NFA 270.000 m² / 160.000 m²
Offering size 11,5 Mio. EUR
Service Project development, LP 1-9
Project leader Gerhild Steinmeier
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Project description

The former Freiherr von Fritsch barracks in the north of Hanover is to be developed within the next years to the garden city Hannover north. The 27-hectare site, located between the districts of Vahrenheide-Sahlkamp and Bothfeld, was abandoned by the German Armed Forces 10 years ago as a location and served in 2000 once again the accommodation of police units for the Expo. Since then, the site, which has a large old park-like trees, without any use.

Already during the bidding phase for the sale of the site by the Federal Republic of Germany, the IGP concept was to realize housing construction in the western half, consisting essentially of terraced, semi-detached and single-family houses, and in the east commercial, social and commercial buildings to build. As a result, after the development, the development then realized will integrate seamlessly into the adjacent single-family housing estates and this region of Hanover can also provide the much-needed trade and social and service facilities.

The area is planning law, after elimination of the military use, a so-called outdoor space in the interior, the spatial planning and planning law must be redefined.