Hotel NYX Dusseldorf

Location Heinrichstraße, Düsseldorf
Client Projekta Fünfte GmbH
Design IGP Concept AG
Execution time 2017 - 2019
Size GFA / NFA 12.000 m² / 7.500 m²
Construction costs 23 Mio. EUR
Service LP 1-9
Project leader Stefan Beck
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From office building to hotel

IGP Completing Projects has been commissioned as general planner for the change of use and conversion of an existing office building in Düsseldorf. The office building dates from the early 80s. It consists of 8 to 11 floors and two basement floors.

A total of 261 hotel rooms are to be accommodated, of which 53 guest rooms are wheelchair accessible and 3 wheelchair accessible.

On the ground floor the reception area with reception, bar, conference area, restaurant, as well as a kitchen area and office space for the administration shall be accommodated. The restaurant area is extended by an outdoor terrace with 60 seats in the courtyard.

On the lower floors, ancillary rooms such as storage areas and staff rooms as well as the wellness and spa area will be accommodated for hotel guests. There are 123 parking spaces in the underground car park.

The challenge is to put the existing structures in a new guise and to redesign them in a contemporary and forward-looking manner, thus making the building fit for the new use and the next generations