Kindl Brewery

Location Am Sudhaus, Berlin
Client HEAG Dr. HenkeProjektgesellschaft mbH
Design Petersen Pörksen Partner
Execution time 2009 – 2015
Size GFA 46.000 m²
Construction costs 220 Mio. EUR
Service Project management, LP 1-5
Project leader Jürgen Steinmeier
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Project description

The goal is to preserve the historic, formative buildings, the brewhouse, machine and heating house, tower and administration buildings, thereby forming an identity-center for the neighborhood.

The interplay of the different, existing and newly planned buildings on the Kindl Areal is intended to produce a balanced architectural ensemble. The different streets and open spaces form the spatial and traffic framework for public and private buildings with different uses. The creation of new road connections over the plan area links it with the adjacent district, opens the area for the general public and invites you to use the squares. The contract includes the accompaniment B-Plan procedure, control of new construction and reconstruction measures.