Minden Clinic

Location Hans-Nolte-Straße, Minden
Client Zweckverband Kliniken im Mühlenkreis
Design Henning Larsen Architects
Execution time 2006 – 2007
Size GFA 96.000 m²
Construction costs 200 Mio. EUR
Service object supervision, LP 8
Project leader Jürgen Steinmeier
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Johannes Wesling Klinikum

IGP Completing Projects was commissioned to supervise the interior design of the new building and extension of the Johannes Wesling Klinikum.

In Minden, the largest hospital complex of the last ten years was built. With the new building of the Johannes Wesling Klinikum, a hospital was created for supra-regional peak care with 864 beds in just three years.
Hospital I in Friedrichstraße and Klinikum II in Portastraße were merged and moved into the new building “Johannes Wesling Klinikum Minden”. The new hospital was commissioned with the patient relocation at the end of March 2008.