Residential renovation Ahlbeck

Location Parchenblick, Ahlbeck
Client IGP Projekt AG
Design IGP Ingenieur AG
Execution time 2005 - 2007
Size GFA / NFA 3.653 m² / 3.105 m²
Construction costs 3 Mio. EUR
Service Project management, LP 5-8
Project leader Jürgen Steinmeier
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Extensive refurbishment

IGP Completing Projects acquired the heavily in need of renovation housing in Ahlbeck and planned and implemented a comprehensive renovation concept and created so again attractive living space.

“According to the report, mold formation occurred everywhere due to insufficient thermal insulation with consequent condensation water loss, in particular the exposed components of the bay windows and outside corners of the building were affected.”
This was a consequence of previously poor construction and the use of false building materials.

In order to improve the thermal insulation in the mold-infested building components, a calcium silicate-based mineral interior insulation was used. The advantage of this design is the weather-independent design and the mineral composite construction with the substrate.