Retail Store Paris

Location Cours du Danube, Serris
Client Ganter Interior
Design Callison
Execution time 2012
Size NFA 778m²
Construction costs 3.6 Mio. EUR
Service Project lead, LP 8
Project leader Winfried Ganser
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Project description

The special task of this project was to realize a complete expansion of a retail space for a well-known electronics store in a new shopping mall.

The construction of a high-quality interior for the sales area (floor, wall and ceiling clothing, furniture) had to be realized.

The entire sales area was at the explicit request of the client in terms of dimensions 100% exactly according to drawings implemented, without any dimensional tolerance. Joints in floors, walls, ceilings, as well as the location of lighting and other fixtures were aligned and tuned to each other with millimeter precision throughout the sales area.

The work space and the construction site equipment were limited to the pure sales area.