Schinkelplatz Berlin

Location Schinkelplatz, Berlin
Client F-E-S GmbH
Design SFA, RMA und HTA
Execution time 2015 - 2018
Size GFA / NFA 15.800 m² / 11.850 m²
Construction costs 35 Mio. EUR
Service LP 5-8
Project leader Stefan Beck
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Project description

Schinkelplatz is the link between the City Palace and the adjoining mixed modern/historical buildings to the west, such as the Friedrichwerdersche Kirche and the government buildings.

With Schinkelplatz, the development of the Schinkelplatz area has been advanced – a high-quality residential and commercial quarter has been created that draws its qualities from the tension between the City Palace and the boulevard Unter den Linden, between history and neo-historicism, the unique location in the city and the distinctiveness of the specific site in the centre of Berlin.

The entire site and the individual buildings are given their own and distinctive image through different designs of house and flat types. The site is located in the centre of the federal capital Berlin and is bordered to the north by Prinzengasse, to the south by Werderscher Markt and the Foreign Office, to the west by Niederlagstraße and to the east by the namesake Schinkelplatz with a view of the City Palace, as well as the Kupfergraben.