Berlin // 5. February 2022

Supplementary school building Pankow

In 2018, IGP Ingenieur GmbH, a subsidiary of IGP Advantag AG, was awarded the contract for the district-wide site evaluations, including the creation of an overall school construction logistics concept for the creation of temporary school space capacities, in public tenders by the districts of Pankow and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. The results of the investigation were summarised in a master plan, the district school network plan. From this, all necessary school construction measures are spatially and temporally coordinated and are now being successively implemented.

The start was made with modular school extension buildings for 150 children each at the three Pankow primary schools Elizabeth Shaw Primary School, Am Hohen Feld Primary School and Arnold-Zweig Primary School, all of which will be completed by the summer. Construction began on 13.01.21 with the erection of the modules for the first addition to the Am Hohen Feld primary school in the Karow district. The general planner for the project is the bauplanung plauen consortium together with IGP Ingenieur GmbH.

“Modular construction” refers to serially prefabricated room cells with load-bearing steel or wooden frames that are delivered to the construction site and stacked next to and on top of each other. Thus, the shell with windows and roof is in place within a few days and the interior fittings are also partly in place. At the first site, assembly took only three days,” explains Stefan Matthys, project architect at IGP Ingenieur GmbH.

The compact modular extension buildings are two-storey and are assembled from 20 room modules. They consist of six main group rooms with 61 m² each and the corresponding partition and function rooms. All three additional buildings are built to an identical design and offer flexible spatial capacities for an entire class. Including interior fittings, building services and outdoor facilities, the total construction time is only five months. Classes in the new school extension buildings are scheduled to begin after the summer holidays.

“We have planned the modular supplementary buildings for sustainable temporary use. The units can be dismantled and can easily be moved to other locations after their intended initial use of five years. To achieve this, we paid attention to a resilient construction type, appropriate spatial qualities and a compact design with a small footprint. As part of Berlin’s school construction offensive, the modules are to be reused several times in a resource-saving manner, possibly also as daycare centres. The modular school extension buildings enable the district to react quickly and variably to additional space requirements that arise from the renovation of existing schools and from constantly increasing pupil numbers. The filling of additional locations has already been firmly planned.

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