CO2 neutral building

In our areas of activity within the real estate industry, we stand for sustainable project development and its implementation. In today’s world, it is a matter of course for us to act in an ecologically, socially and economically responsible manner in projects.

As project managers and specialists for planning and construction, we work with our clients in the development and realization of their sustainability goals. Starting with the selection and certification of the most common building certifications such as BNB, DGNB, BREEAM and LEED, we are primarily concerned with minimizing the consumption of energy and resources over the entire life cycle of buildings – from their construction, through their use, conversion and deconstruction – by using adequate planning, technologies and building materials in the sense of a sustainable circular economy.

Reference examples

greenovation campus, Berlin

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myhive media harbor Dusseldorf

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Mauritius Health & Care Campus

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