Commissioning management

In modern buildings, the technical building equipment systems increasingly interact in a complex manner. In particular, the proper functioning of the so-called testable and safety-relevant systems with their links to each other and the interfaces to the building construction is a decisive approval requirement. This includes systems for fire detection, mechanical smoke extraction and smoke ventilation, automatic extinguishing, building alarm, escape door control, and many more.

As a result, the on-time completion and the start of use of building projects therefore increasingly depends on the successful commissioning of the building technology including its successful test expert acceptance.

We manage this process as a structured process with a separate schedule as a necessary control instrument for holistic commissioning management. We monitor the planning, execution, commissioning and functional testing of the technical systems and their interaction for conformity with the building permit, i.e. their readiness for acceptance. We always consider the technical trades individually, their interfaces and their documentation with the involvement of all technical participants.

In doing so, we make use of our experience from projects in which we have played a major role in the commissioning process up to the active-principle test. These include high-rise buildings, schools, hospitals and airports.